We want to welcome you to our practice and let you know what you can expect during your course of care.

Let me begin by describing what type of practice this is. You have chosen a specialized type of treatment called Applied Kinesiology, which is both diagnostic and therapeutic.  This type of care is a precise and exacting treatment that will require your commitment and active participation to achieve maximum benefits and recovery of your health.

This will mean life-style changes such as diet, nutritional support, exercise and even weight loss, if necessary, to bring about the best results.  We will try to achieve these changes in a short period of time with the least amount of visits -- this is to save you time and money.

If you have received chiropractic care before, you are probably familiar with treatment plans requiring three visits a week for a month or more, then twice a week for a month followed by once a week for another month.  This is very time consuming and costly with insurance co-pays and deductibles.

The use of Applied Kinesiology makes this type of treatment plan obsolete.  This is because the stabilization of the muscular system which move and support your spine and skeletal system will cause the adjustment and treatment to last longer and reduce reoccurrence in chronic problems.  The simple fact is that the muscle moves bone and bone does not move muscle is what this is based on.  
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George J. Goodheart, DC. 
Aug. 18, 1918 – 
March 5, 2008
23 Arthur Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Paul T. Sprieser, D.C.
Applied Kinesiology
Phone: 973-334-6053
E-Mail: pauls42@optonline.net
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We are a small office and have limited staff, so insurance payments are usually made directly to you rather than to us.  We will fill out your insurance forms so you can be reimbursed.  You can pay us with cash, check or charge for services rendered.

Your initial or first visit will consist of a consultation to review your records, MRI, x-rays and taking a case history.  This will be followed by a comprehensive examination and treatment that will require about an hour and a half or longer.  Subsequent visits are based on a twenty minute office visit allowing me to correct as much as possible in that time frame.  If you want a longer office visit, you can arrange this with my office staff and remember there will be additional charges based on the length of the visit.  

Office Hours:  9:00 AM to Noon and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 9:00 AM to Noon on Saturday.  24 hours notice of cancellation of a scheduled appointment is required so we can fill this time slot. 

Referrals are the mainstay of this practice, so when you are feeling better, we would ask you to send others so they too can benefit from our services.

Adjunct therapy and services are available at our office from:

  • Zoe Putnam with 20 years of experience, including Swedish, Sports and Russian medical message.  She also does Reiki, reflexology, therapeutic touch craniofasial balancing and trigger point therapy.

  • Myofascial and deep tissue massage treatments from Fred Dones.

  • For your cosmetic needs, we have the services of Dr. Richard Marfuggi, a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Andrew Ruffo, a skin care specialist, available for consultations. 

All adjunctive therapeutic services are available on an appointment basis that can be made by calling 973-334-6053.
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